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Mark Christine, Coach

Mark has worked as a professional coach for actors and musical theatre performers for over 8 years. His experiences include running a professional studio in New York City and Los Angeles and running and teaching for an organization dedicated to helping students gain admittance to  acting and musical theatre programs.

His professional clients have been seen in numerous Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, on stage at Regional Theatres across the US, and on Television. His younger students have been accepted into nearly every audition-based acting and musical theatre program in the country.

In addition to having an MFA in Acting (UC San Diego/La Jolla Playhouse) and a BFA in Musical Theatre (University of Michigan), Mark has 10+ years' experience as a professional Music Director and Music Copyist in New York and around the country. Because of this multifaceted and diverse background he's capable of helping clients with ANY type of audition that comes up - Plays, Musical Theatre, and Film/TV!

Coaching services offered:

Audition Music Coaching (Learning the song, making musical stylization and active acting choices)

Audition Sides Coaching (Plays, Musicals, and Film/TV)

Vocal Coaching (Polishing up an old song or building an exciting interpretation of a new one)

Audio Tracks** (Recorded accompaniment and melody – so you can learn and practice at home!)

Sheet Music Preparation** (Transposition, custom arrangements, 16 or 32 bar cuts, “cleaning up” your manuscript sheet music, etc)

**Audio Tracks and Sheet Music Preparation can be handled in person or remotely (you can live down the street or in Tanzania, doesn't matter!) via the internet. All I need is a PDF file of your music and can send you back an MP3 of your song or a PDF version of your new sheet music!

If you're interested in coaching with Mark, send him a message via the direct contact form on the Contact page!

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