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Hello, Friends!


Here's the coaching deal:

I still have my professional coaching studio active on both coasts (I'm back and forth between LA and NY) and in addition to the obvious things - live or Skype coaching for auditions, working on acting/singing technique, etc - I make accompaniment tracks to help my clients learn sides for upcoming auditions and/or new songs for their books. 


It's great for 3 reasons -

1. It's FLEXIBLE - You can work on the material w/out the time, travel, and cost of a full coaching (and w/out having to leave your apartment!) It's also great in a pinch if you're out of town and need to learn something quick. You can be prepared regardless of whether you are able to do an in-person coaching or not.


2. It's SIMPLE - You send me PDFs of the music and I send you back professionally recorded tracks - one w/ just piano accompaniment and one w/ the melody laid down on top of the accomp.


3. It's FAST - I get them back to you within 24 hours and you're all set. It's super easy and quick.


As a "welcome gift" - your first track is half price! 


Also, my policy with all my clients is:  if you refer someone and they mention your name upon requesting tracks your next track is half price.


If you're interested in this, or any other coaching service just shoot me an email at or text/call my cell at 646-234-5454.


Wishing you all the happiness and success in the world!!


     - Mark



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